Careers in Fashion Journalism

Fashion is a very wide field that offers a range of career opportunities to people with diverse interests and academic backgrounds. Fashion journalism is a broad term involving publications related to the field of fashion. Fashion journalists include fashion writers, fashion critics, and fashion reporters. In short, the term fashion journalist encompasses anyone who is involved in writing anything and everything about the latest trends in fashion.

Nature of Work: Fashion journalists need to keep themselves updated with national as well as international fashion trends. The work of a fashion journalist involves both technical and non technical aspects. One needs to have good knowledge of the fabrics, the stylists, the designers, and the models in order to become a successful fashion journalist. These journalists are involved in a wide variety of work ranging from writing fashion features in magazines and newspapers, to writing books and preparing and presenting reports for television, magazines, and the Internet. A fashion journalist needs to develop strong contacts in the fashion industry for excelling in this field. One needs to be a skilled communicator and to be in touch with the designers and other important people in the industry for gathering information.

Career Prospects: Many fashion journalists opt to work as a freelancer while many others go for full-time employment with publications such as newspapers, fashion magazines, tabloids, industry trade journals, etc. There is a huge potential for growth in this field provided one is prepared to work hard.

Several degree and diploma courses are available today for those aspiring to become a fashion journalist. Advance courses in fashion journalism better equip graduates with the technical skills that are required to pursue a career in fashion journalism. Apart from academic qualification, one needs to have the following qualities for becoming a successful fashion journalist.

  • Background in media.
  • Background in fashion.
  • Ability to follow cultural trends.
  • Ability to forecast trends in fashion.
  • Communication and multimedia skills.

Institutes Offering: There are many institutes in India that are offering degree and diploma courses in fashion journalism, communication, and styling. Most of the universities in India are offering degree and diploma courses in journalism. Additional training in fashion merchandising and fashion designing helps students of fashion journalism in knowing about the minute details related to fashion trends. This helps them in becoming a successful fashion journalists.

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