Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) jobs are considered to be the most elite kind of jobs in India. People admire those who qualify UPSC exams and make them their ideal and role model. UPSC Jobs are not grabbed just like any other job but for this every individual has to put in maximum amount of hard work and hours and hours of daily studies. Routine of such people is fixed. Years of dedication and preparation finally pays when one qualify the mains exam along with personal interview round with flying colors.

UPSC Jobs include IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. More than ten lakh people apply for prelims every year but only about two to three lakhs are able to qualify for the mains exam. After the mains exam when the result is declared, only a few thousands qualify for the personal interview round. Last round is taken by the retired IAS, IPS, IFS officials. They evaluate every bit of the individual’s personality and finally pass their judgment. Every year number of vacancies ranges from eight hundred to the maximum of eleven hundred to twelve hundred only.

Individuals dream to clear the UPSC exam from their childhood days only and this dream makes them more focused towards this as a career option. The kind of respect a person gets after qualifying the exam is out of this world. That is why lakhs of people go after a few hundred thousand vacancies every year.

In the links given below a person can find the UPSC jobs list which will have all the positions for which the UPSC vacancies are declared every year. It includes all the positions which require utmost focus and dedication while working also. That is why UPSC jobs are considered to be tough. The plus of becoming an IAS, IPS, or IFS officer is that along with high reputation an individual gets high and handsome salary for the kind of services they provide.

To fulfill this dream one needs to gather all the information regarding study pattern, syllabus, sample questions, optional subjects and what not. That is why on this website, all the necessary UPSC Jobs Info is mentioned to clear doubts of millions struggling to get the job through this.

UPSC recruitment procedure is considered to the toughest exam procedure in India. Prelims include two exams; GS and CSAT. If a person qualifies CSAT then only GS paper is checked. Results are declared on this basis of category wise criteria. Mains exam includes nine exams. In which two are of language subjects, five are of GS papers and last two are of optional subjects. Final round is the personal interview round in which an individual’s personality is evaluated from every corner possible.

All the information related to UPSC recruitment is mentioned below to give the best possible idea to the individuals planning to prepare for the same. UPSC vacancies are always limited that is why the competition is so tough in this. But people need not worry having thorough information and following of right strategy can help people clear all the levels that will get them through the UPSC jobs.

There are many jobs under UPSC. UPSC jobs list with detailed information is mentioned in the links below. This will help students preparing for the same. Most elite kind of jobs requires dedication, hard work, countless sleepless nights, patience and what not but everything pays of when one qualifies any of the UPSC Jobs. This examination and personal interview round can only be qualified when one has detailed knowledge about the criteria and books. All the UPSC Jobs info is given on this website to bring ease to the people planning to prepare for UPSC.