NIOS Class 12th/XII Syllabus

NIOS Class 12th/XII Syllabus

NIOS Class 12 Syllabus


Group-A Subjects Syllabus

-: Hindi Syllabus -: Urdu Syllabus
-: English Syllabus -: Gujarati Syllabus
-: Bengali Syllabus -: Sanskrit Syllabus
-: Tamil Syllabus -: Punjabi Syllabus
-: Odia Syllabus


Group-B Subjects Syllabus

-: Mathematics Syllabus -: Economics Syllabus
-: Home Science Syllabus -: Business Studies Syllabus
-: Psychology Syllabus -: Painting Syllabus
-: Geography Syllabus -: Data Entry Operations Syllabus


Group-C Subjects Syllabus

-: Physics Syllabus -: Library & Information Science Syllabus
-: History Syllabus -: Environmental Science Syllabus


Group-D Subjects Syllabus

-: Chemistry Syllabus -: Mass Communication Syllabus
-: Political Science Syllabus -: Military Studies Syllabus


Group-E Subjects Syllabus

-: Biology Syllabus -: Introduction to Law Syllabus
-: Accountancy Syllabus -: Military History Syllabus


Group-F Subjects Syllabus

-: Computer Science Syllabus -: Tourism Syllabus
-: Sociology Syllabus -: Physical Education and Yog Syllabus


Indian Knowledge Tradition

-: Veda Adhyan Syllabus -: Bharatiya Darshan Syllabus
-: Sanskrit Vyakaran Syllabus -: Sanskrit Sahitya Syllabus


Class 12th is another important turning point in the life of teenagers. After that, they get admitted to colleges. On the basis of Class 12th percentage secured, the criteria are set for graduation admissions.

Preparations for the boards begin when one gets the syllabus and make his/her mind to start studying. Syllabus helps the students mark important and scoring chapters which would fetch more marks in each exam. So the students can initiate their preparations by downloading the latest NIOS Class 12th syllabus. This gives the student an idea about what all chapters he/she needs to prepare. NIOS Class 12th syllabus PDF download link is mentioned below. Knowing the syllabus helps in strategy formulation, in what order one will begin covering the subjects and number of hours to be allotted to each subject daily. End line is, it helps the students in preparing their daily time table. NIOS Class 12th syllabus PDF download is available in the links provided through the means of this website.

The syllabus also guides the students regarding the exam pattern. It tells about the allotment of marks for each chapter in every subject. For the same reason, NIOS Class 12th Exam Pattern is also described on this website. This would bring a lot of ease to students while covering the syllabus. NIOS Class 12th Exam Pattern description would be of great help for young minds.

Going to the market in changing weather conditions is big task. Moreover, the weight of books is too much to carry. In today’s digitalized world, it is better to get things online for free than to spend money on buying them through traditional means. This NIOS Class 12th study material provides the students with the necessary content in a compact form which enables the better and clear concept of the topic. At the end of each chapter, various practice questions are given to check the understanding of the topic. Students can go through them and it helps them judge their level of preparation.

For their benefit, NIOS Class 12th board syllabus can be downloaded from the links attached below. NIOS Class 12th syllabus PDF download links are easy to deal with and comfortable to use for further studies. The subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Hindi, Business Studies, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sanskrit, Sociology, Urdu etc. can be studied through the means of e-books and PDF downloads.

NIOS Class 12th Study material would contain all the explanations regarding the topic. With proper diagrams, tables, charts, and required related stuff to the topic. After the explanation of each concept, the topic is backed by a certain set of examples which makes learning easier for the students and helps them hold a tight grip on the related subject matter. The method and the necessary steps which would help students score more are clearly mentioned and described which enables in clear concept formation in the heads of today’s young minds. Study material is easy to understand and into the point manner which omits the excess pages and makes the books concise, thin, and student-friendly.

All the details regarding the NIOS Class 12th syllabus and study material are available in English and Hindi language.

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