Join Indian Navy

Join Indian Navy

Wearing the white uniform and walking with pride is the ultimate feeling a person gets after he/she joins Indian Navy. After a person joins Indian Navy, it gives an exceptional way of living life.

In this an officer lives in the ocean to safeguard our country from the enemies. Choosing this lifestyle is thrilling in itself but it comes with a lot of responsibility that needs to be handled with utmost focus. An officer needs to be vigilant enough to see where the chances of mishap are more to happen.

There are various departments in Indian Navy like the administrative, operational, training, defence etc. To opt career in any of these a person has to qualify various stages i.e. written examination, physical test and the medical.

Defending upon the profile Indian Navy recruitment is carried forward. If it is an Officer’s entry it will have different set of evaluating methods and if it is a Sailor’s entry it has other ways.

INET exam is conducted for the selection purpose in Indian Navy. Another way of Indian Navy Recruitment is through SSBs. They are conducted so that an individual’s personality can be evaluated 360 degrees and true colors of a person can be brought forward. Through SSBs candidates are assessed to judge whether they are suitable for this career or not. SSB is a five day process. According to the latest update SSB will soon be a 3 day process. A candidate has to go through multiple tests in this. In SSB proper screening is done along group discussion and other ways of evaluation. Through this character sketch of a person is made. This helps the evaluators in selecting best and right fit candidates for the positions they are recruiting for.

Indian Navy Jobs are considered under the list of elite jobs. Joining Indian Navy gives the pride of being the part of one of the most exceptional careers options in India.
A person can join Indian Navy Online after going through few steps. Procedure is mentioned on this website clearly. Any individual willing to make career in this field can go through all the information mentioned in the links given below. This will give people better idea about how to join Indian Navy.

Join Indian Navy and be the part of an extra ordinary life. Physical fitness and mental stability both in balanced form are required to join Indian Navy. B.Tech students can also make their career in this field. To know how to join Indian Navy readers can go through all the links mentioned on this website. This will help people in giving the right direction to their career.

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