December 6, 2021

SSC CHSL Tier-1 General Awareness Question Paper Held on 14 October 2020 (Afternoon Shift)

General Awareness Question Papers
14th October 2020 (Afternoon Shift)
CHSL (Tier-1) 2019


Q.1 Who among the following wrote ‘Akbar Nama’?
1. Akbar
2. Abul Fazl
3. Amir Khushro
4. Birbal

Q.2 Which of the following units is used for the measurement of Luminous Intensity?
1. Candela
2. Mole
3. Ampere
4. Kelvin

Q.3 Which of the following is a well known place for Chikankari embroidery?
1. Indore
2. Raipur
3. Ranchi
4. Lucknow

Q.4 Who among the following is credited with the discovery of neutrons?
1. E Rutherford
2. J Chadwick
3. James P Joule
4. JJ Thomson

Q.5 In context of computing, what is the full form of URL?
1. Undistributed Resource Locator
2. Uniform Region Locator
3. Unified Resource Locator
4. Uniform Resource Locator

Q.6 Which of the following passes cuts through Pir Panjal range and links Manali and Leh by road?
1. Baralachala Pass
2. Rohtang Pass
3. Nathula Pass
4. Banihal Pass

Q.7 Which of the following teams won the 2018-19 Santosh Trophy?
1. Railways
2. Mizoram
3. Services
4. Punjab

Q.8 Where is Bishnupur, which is famous for terracotta temples, located?
1. Rajasthan
2. Gujarat
3. West Bengal
4. Assam

Q.9 Which of the following words was inserted in the Preamble by the Constitution (42nd Amendment) Act, 1976?
1. Equality
2. Socialist
3. Liberty
4. Justice

Q.10 Who among the following won the ‘Golden Globe 2020 award’ for ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama’?
1. Cynthia Erivo
2. Renée Zellweger
3. Beanie Feldstein
4. Charlize Theron

Q.11 Who among the following is responsible for preparation of National Income estimates in India?
2. NITI Aayog
3. Central Statistical Organization
4. Finance Commission

Q.12 Who among the following was the first non-Indian to receive the Bharat Ratna, the highest Indian honour that can be given to civilians?
1. Mikhail Gorbachev
2. Abdul Ghaffar Khan
3. Nelson Mandela
4. Josip Broz Tito

Q.13 In January 2020, the Yashaswini Scheme for Women Entrepreneurship was launched in Goa. The scheme aims to support female Self Help Groups (SHGs) with interest-free loans up to:
1. 10 lakh
2. 5 lakh
3. 1 lakh
4. 50 lakh

Q.14 Which of the following articles of the Constitution of India was invoked by the Kerala government to file a petition against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) in the Supreme Court on 14 January 2020?
1. Article 17
2. Article 131
3. Article 23
4. Article 368

Q.15 How many Indian biosphere reserves are included in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves, as of October 2019?
1. 14
2. 11
3. 17
4. 9

Q.16 Which of the following is a tertiary economic activity?
1. Weaving
2. Trading
3. Hunting
4. Farming

Q.17 Which of the following is a Rabi crop?
1. Jowar
2. Tur
3. Bajra
4. Wheat

Q.18 Which of the following freedom fighters was NOT involved in the Kakori Train Robbery?
1. Bhagat Singh
2. Ashfaqullah Khan
3. Chandrashekhar Azad
4. Ram Prasad Bismil

Q.19 As of 15 January 2020, which of the following nations is the number one ranked team in the ‘ICC Men’s T20I Team Rankings’?
1. Pakistan
2. Australia
3. England
4. India

Q.20 Which of the following is used to receive and send computer files over telephone lines?
1. MICR device
2. Floppy disk
3. Modem
4. Light pen

Q.21 As of 15 January 2020, who among the following was the number one ranked male tennis player in the ATP rankings?
1. Daniil Medvedev
2. Novak Djokovic
3. Roger Federer
4. Rafael Nadal

Q.22 How many members of the Rajya Sabha can be nominated by the President of India?
1. 14 members
2. 16 members
3. 10 members
4. 12 members

Q.23 Who among the following won ICC’s ‘Spirit of Cricket Award’ for the year 2019?
1. Chris Gayle
2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
3. Faf du Plessis
4. Virat Kohli

Q.24 Which of the following elements occurs most abundantly in our universe?
1. Silicon
2. Oxygen
3. Nitrogen
4. Hydrogen

Q.25 The Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert, lies towards the western margins of ______ hills.
1. Aravali
2. Javadi
3. Shevroy
4. Udgalakal

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