July 7, 2022

SSC CGL (Tier-1) 2018 Question Paper -General Awareness (Shift-3) 06-June-2019

General Awareness Question Papers
06 June 2019 (Shift-3)


Q.1 Minimum Support Price (MSP) is recommended by _____.
1. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
2. The Farmers’ Welfare Society
3. The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices
4. The Commission for Weights and Measures
Correct Answer: The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices

Q.2 The Indian Passport was ranked _____ in the ‘Global Passport Index Report 2019’.
1. 67th
2. 65th
3. 56th
4. 77th
Correct Answer: 67th

Q.3 _____ is the oldest golf course outside the United Kingdom.
1. Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata
2. Royal Springs Golf Course, Srinagar
3. Tollygunge Golf Club, Kolkata
4. Classic Golf Resort, New Delhi
Correct Answer: Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata

Q.4 Rickets is a disease associated with the deficiency of ___________.
1. Vitamin A
2. Vitamin C
3. Vitamin D
4. Vitamin B
Correct Answer: Vitamin D

Q.5 Who amongst the following succeeded the Mughal throne in the year 1556?
1. Shah Jahan
2. Sher Shah Suri
3. Akbar
4. Jehangir
Correct Answer: Akbar

Q.6 What is India’s rank in 2019 World Happiness Report?
1. 160th
2. 150th
3. 140th
4. 130th
Correct Answer: 140th

Q.7 Which of the following is NOT a vocal form of Hindustani classical music?
1. Tarana
2. Pakhawaj
3. Dhamar
4. Drupad
Correct Answer: Pakhawaj

Q.8 The Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Yojana was launched by _____ .
1. Narendra Modi
2. Smriti Zubin Irani
3. Arun Jaitley
4. Ram Nath Kovind
Correct Answer: Narendra Modi

Q.9 The highest railway station in India is located in the state of _____.
1. Sikkim
2. Jammu & Kashmir
3. West Bengal
4. Uttar Pradesh
Correct Answer: West Bengal

Q.10 During photosynthesis, green plants use energy from sunlight to synthesise _____ from carbon dioxide and water.
1. sucrose
2. fructose
3. galactose
4. glucose
Correct Answer: glucose

Q.11 Varkala, Chowara, Chavakkad and Nattika are beaches in the state of _____.
1. Tamil Nadu
2. Karnataka
3. Maharashtra
4. Kerala
Correct Answer: Kerala

Q.12 _____ is the largest river island in the world.
1. Majuli
2. Munroe
3. Bahvani
4. Umananda
Correct Answer: Majuli

Q.13 Who was the first woman judge of the Delhi High Court?
1. Ruma Pal
2. Leila Seth
3. Anna Chandi
4. Sujata Manohar
Correct Answer: Leila Seth

Q.14 The _____ was a group of seven Members of Parliament from the United Kingdom,constituted to suggest constitutional reforms for British India.
1. Hunter Commission
2. Fraser Commission
3. Simon Commission
4. Sargent Commission
Correct Answer: Simon Commission

Q.15 Which of the following is NOT a symptom of Wilson’s disease?
1. Problems with speech, swallowing or physical coordination
2. Fluid build-up in the legs or abdomen
3. Night blindness
4. Uncontrolled movements or muscle stiffness
Correct Answer: Night blindness

Q.16 The Khajuraho Temples are located in the state of _____.
1. Andhra Pradesh
2. Uttar Pradesh
3. Madhya Pradesh
4. Uttarakhand
Correct Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Q.17 Bariatric surgery makes changes to a person’s _____.
1. digestive system
2. heart
3. nasal passage
4. lungs
Correct Answer: digestive system

Q.18 Which of the following acid found in Apple?
1. Malic Acid
2. Formic Acid
3. Nitric Acid
4. Sulphuric Acid
Correct Answer: Malic Acid

Q.19 Article _____ of the Constitution of India gives the Election Commission the power to supervise elections to the Parliament and state legislatures.
1. 314
2. 341
3. 324
4. 342
Correct Answer: 324

Q.20 The Banking Regulation Act was passed in India in _____.
1. 1949
2. 1965
3. 1951
4. 1974
Correct Answer: 1949

Q.21 Which one of the following was NOT a condition laid down in the Gandhi-Irwin Pact?
1. Removal of salt tax; allowing to produce, trade and sell legally
2. Participation in the Round Table Conference by the Indian National Congress
3. Withdrawal of tax on khadi production
4. The Indian National Congress should stop the civil disobedience movement
Correct Answer: Withdrawal of tax on khadi production

Q.22 _____ is the oldest member of the 16th Lok Sabha.
1. Ram Jethmalani
2. Murli Manohar Joshi
3. Farooq Abdullah
4. Lal Krishna Advani
Correct Answer: Lal Krishna Advani

Q.23 _____ was the first and only Muslim woman to ever sit on the throne of Delhi.
1. Fatima Al Fihri
2. Razia Begum
3. Shajarat Al Durr
4. Gevher Sultan
Correct Answer: Razia Begum

Q.24 The National Board for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises meets once every _____months in a year.
1. 9
2. 3.6
3. 6
4. 2
Correct Answer: 3.6

Q.25 Who became the first Indian golfer to win on the ‘Ladies European Tour’ in 2016?
1. Aditi Ashok
2. Diksha Dagar
3. Vani Kapoor
4. Gursimar Badwal
Correct Answer: Aditi Ashok

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