May 17, 2022

SSC CGL (Tier-1) 2018 Question Paper -General Awareness (Shift-2) 11-June-2019

General Awareness Question Papers
11 June 2019 (Shift-2)


Q.1 According to _____, pressure is equal to the force divided by the area on which it acts.
1. Stefan-Boltzmann Law
2. Newton’s Law
3. Pascal’s Law
4. Hooke’s Law
Correct Answer: Pascal’s Law

Q.2 Which of the following is the chemical name of baking soda?
1. Sulphate
2. Sodium hydrogen carbonate
3. Calcium hydroxide
4. Sodium carbonate
Correct Answer: Sodium hydrogen carbonate

Q.3 Name the woman of Indian origin who was appointed Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo in the year 2006.
1. Kiran Majumdar Shaw
2. Kalpana Morparia
3. Indra Nooyi
4. Chanda Kochhar
Correct Answer: Indra Nooyi

Q.4 Kandyan Dance’ is a typical dance form practiced in ______.
1. Nepal
2. India
3. Sri Lanka
4. Bhutan
Correct Answer: Sri Lanka

Q.5 India of My Dreams’ is a compilation of the writings and speeches of ______.
1. Dr Rajendra Prasad
2. Mahatma Gandhi
3. Jawaharlal Nehru
4. Sardar Vallabhbhai Pate
Correct Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

Q.6 Which Indian state launched the PRANAM Commission to protect parents of government employees?
1. Maharashtra
2. Punjab
3. Haryana
4. Assam
Correct Answer: Assam

Q.7 In January 2019, _____ became the first Indian state to implement 10% reservation for the economically weaker sections.
1. Gujarat
2. Madhya Pradesh
3. Tripura
4. Odisha
Correct Answer: Gujarat

Q.8 Who among the following is/was the longest-serving prime minister of Bangladesh?
1. Sheikh Hasina
2. Khaleda Zia
3. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
4. Shah Azizur Rahman
Correct Answer: Sheikh Hasina

Q.9 In which year did the Patharughat Peasant Uprising against the tax policies of British take place in Assam?
1. 1873
2. 1885
3. 1862
4. 1894
Correct Answer: 1894

Q.10 Who among the following was the first president of the Republic of China?
1. Li Xiannian
2. Yuan Shikai
3. Hu Jintao
4. Yang Sangkun
Correct Answer: Yuan Shikai

Q.11 The Indian badminton player who won the Canadian Open Women’s Doubles title in 2015 along with Ashwini Ponnappa was _____.
1. Jwala Gutta
2. P V Sindhu
3. Saina Nehwal
4. P C Tulasi
Correct Answer: Jwala Gutta

Q.12 When the output is equal to zero, the variable cost is ______.
1. maximum
2. zero
3. minimum
4. constant
Correct Answer: zero

Q.13 As per Mankiw’s Principles of Economics, the standard of living of a country depends on the country’s ______.
1. average wages
2. government policy
3. ability to produce goods and services
4. nominal wages
Correct Answer: ability to produce goods and services

Q.14 In which year did Vasco De Gama land in Calicut (Kozhikode)?
1. 1498
2. 1458
3. 1472
4. 1442
Correct Answer: 1498

Q.15 Which instrument is used to measure the intensity of light produced by an unknown source in terms of a standard source?
1. Ammeter
2. Dynamometer
3. Photometer
4. Calipers
Correct Answer: Photometer

Q.16 Who discovered the first vaccine for smallpox?
1. John Hunter
2. Louis Pasteur
3. Alexander Fleming
4. Edward Jenner
Correct Answer: Edward Jenner

Q.17 Which Indian archer won the gold medal in the women’s recurve event at the 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup?
1. Bombayla Devi Laishram
2. Dola Banerjee
3. Deepika Kumari
4. Chekrovolu Swuro
Correct Answer: Deepika Kumari

Q.18 Identify the unit of measuring the intensity of sound.
1. Knots
2. Ampere
3. Decibels
4. Candela
Correct Answer: Decibels

Q.19 Who among the following was the first chief minister of Kerala?
1. Pattom A Thanu Pillai
2. E M S Namboodiripad
3. R Shankar
4. C Achutha Menon
Correct Answer: E M S Namboodiripad

Q.20 The ‘Diphu Pass’ which is the tri-junction between India, Myanmar, and China is on this Border Line?
1. McMahon Line
2. Durand Line
3. Radcliffe Line
4. Palk Strait
Correct Answer: McMahon Line

Q.21 Kazi Nazrul Islam is the national poet of ______.
1. Pakistan
2. Afghanistan
3. Bangladesh
4. Indonesia
Correct Answer: Bangladesh

Q.22 Manipur, Meghalaya, and Tripura became states under ______.
1. North Eastern Region New State Act, 1972
2. North Eastern Republic of India Act, 1972
3. North Eastern Retention (Reconstruction) Act, 1971
4. North-Eastern Areas (Reorganisation) Act, 1971
Correct Answer: North-Eastern Areas (Reorganisation) Act, 1971

Q.23 In January 2019, _____ was named World No.1 boxer by International Boxing Association (AIBA).
1. Simranjit Kaur
2. Lovlina Borgohain
3. Laishram Sarita Devi
4. Mary Kom
Correct Answer: Mary Kom

Q.24 Daringbadi hill station is located in the Indian state of ______.
1. Kerala
2. Odisha
3. Maharashtra
4. West Bengal
Correct Answer: Odisha

Q.25 Which of the following is the third highest waterfall in India?
1. Courtallam Falls
2. Suruli Falls
3. Thalaiyar Falls
4. Agaya Gangai
Correct Answer: Thalaiyar Falls

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