May 31, 2021

SSC CGL 2017 General Awareness Question Paper (Shift-1) 12-Aug-2017- (Tier-1)

General Awareness Question Papers
12th August 2017 (Shift-1)


Question-26: Which of the following pair/pairs is/are INCORRECT?
I. Golden revolution – Fruits production
II. Blue revolution – Increasing production of fertilizers
III. Yellow revolution – For the production of eggs
1) Only I
2) Only II
3) Both I and II
4) Both II and III
Correct Answer: Both II and III

Question-27: MTNL comes under which of the following category?
1) Navratna
2) Maharatna
3) Mini Ratna
4) None option is correct
Correct Answer: Navratna

Question-28: Which of the following right has been removed from fundamental rights and converted to a simple legal right?
1) Right to life and personal liberty
2) Right to property
3) Right to education
4) Right to freedom of religion
Correct Answer: Right to property

Question-29: Which of the following does not come under Fundamental Duty?
1) To safeguard public property
2) To protect and improve the natural environment
3) To promote harmony
4) To protect freedom of speech and expression
Correct Answer: To protect freedom of speech and expression

Question-30: Which emperor wrote the play ‘Nagananda’ in Sanskrit language?
1) Prabhakaravardhana
2) Harshavadhana
3) Chandragupta II
4) Bindusara
Correct Answer: Harshavadhana


1) 1-b , 2-a, 3-c , 4-d
2) 1-b , 2-a , 3-d , 4-c
3) 1-a , 2-b , 3-d , 4-c
4) 1-b , 2-d , 3-a , 4-c
Correct Answer: 1-b , 2-a , 3-d , 4-c

Question-32: The boundary between Earth’s crust and mantle is _____.
1) Moho discontinuity
2) Lehman discontinuity
3) Conrad discontinuity
4) Gutenberg discontinuity
Correct Answer: Moho discontinuity

Question-33: Doldrums pressure belts lies in between which of the following latitudes?
1) 5o N to 5o S
2) 35o to 60o N and S
3) 25o to 35o N and S
4) 35o to 45o N and S
Correct Answer: 5o N to 5o S

Question-34: Which component in tobacco makes it harmful for human consumption?
1) Morphine
2) Nicotine
3) Heroin
4) None of these
Correct Answer: Nicotine

Question-35: What is full form of BOD?
1) Biological Oxygen Deficit
2) Biological Oxygen Difference
3) Biological Oxygen Demand
4) Biological Oxygen Distribution
Correct Answer: Biological Oxygen Demand

Question-36: Alveoli is related to which of the following system of human body?
1) Circulatory system
2) Excretory system
3) Reproductive system
4) Respiratory system
Correct Answer: Respiratory system

Question-37: What is the SI unit of intensity of sound?
1) Decible
2) Newton
3) Heartz
4) Tesla
Correct Answer: Decible

Question-38: Which colour is formed when Blue and Green are mixed?
1) Cyan
2) Brown
3) Black
4) Violet
Correct Answer: Cyan

Question-39: In computer terminology, what is the full form of FTP?
1) Final Transfer Position
2) File Transfer Position
3) File Transfer Packet
4) File Transfer Protocol
Correct Answer: File Transfer Protocol

Question-40: What is an exothermic reaction?
1) Reaction in which heat is released.
2) Reaction in which heat is absorbed.
3) Reaction in which neither heat is released nor absorbed.
4) None of these
Correct Answer: Reaction in which heat is released.

Question-41: What are the main components of Brass Alloy?
1) Copper and Zinc
2) Copper and Strontium
3) Copper, Zinc and Nickel
4) Copper and Nickel
Correct Answer: Copper and Zinc

Question-42: Which among the following is national water animal of India?
1) Crocodile
2) Turtle
3) Alligator
4) Gangetic Dolphin
Correct Answer: Gangetic Dolphin

Question-43: Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritwa Abhiyan provides facility of free health check-up and required treatment on _____ day of every month.
1) 1st
2) 9th
3) 15th
4) 30th
Correct Answer: 9th

Question-44: What was invented by J. B. Dunlop?
1) Airplane
2) Car
3) Rubber Tyre
4) Rubber Boot
Correct Answer: Car

Question-45: At which of the following stadium Sachin Tendulkar scored his 100th international century?
1) Wankhede Stadium
2) Sher-e-Bangla Stadium
3) Shahid Chandu Stadium
4) Barabati Stadium
Correct Answer: Sher-e-Bangla Stadium

Question-46: Who amongst the following is a renowned vocalist?
1) Kaushalaya Reddy
2) Manjit Bawa
3) Raja Ravi Verma
4) Pt. Jasraj
Correct Answer: Pt. Jasraj

Question-47: Which actress has been awarded with 64th National film Awards 2017?
1) Surabhi CM
2) Tapasee Pannu
3) Trisha Krishnan
4) Anushka Shetty
Correct Answer: Surabhi CM

Question-48: What is the name of the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar?
1) Numbers Do Lie
2) Playing it my way
3) Once upon a Time
4) What is Remembered
Correct Answer: Playing it my way

Question-49: India recently notified the Third protocol to amend Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement with which of the following countries?
1) China
2) Vietnam
3) Singapore
4) Malaysia
Correct Answer: Singapore


1) 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b
2) 1-b, 2-d, 3-a, 4-c
3) 1-c, 2-d, 3-b, 4-a
4) 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b
Correct Answer: 1-c, 2-d, 3-b, 4-a

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