May 17, 2022

SSC CGL 2017 General Awareness Question Paper (Shift-1) 11-Aug-2017- (Tier-1)

General Awareness Question Papers
11th August 2017 (Shift-1)


Question-26: Which of the following rate is charged by banks to their most credit-worthy customers?
1) Prime Lending Rate
2) Statutory Liquidity Rate
3) Bank Rate
4) Repo Rate
Correct Answer: Prime Lending Rate

Question-27: Medium-term loans are provided for a period of _____.
1) 1 year to 2 years
2) 15 months to 3 years
3) 15 months to 4 years
4) 1 year to 3 years
Correct Answer: 1 year to 3 years

Question-28: Which of the following is a feature of federal Government?
1) Supremacy of Parliament
2) Supremacy of Judiciary
3) Division of powers between federal and state Government
4) Single citizenship
Correct Answer: Division of powers between federal and state Government

Question-29: Under which article, President of India can proclaim financial emergency?
1) Article 32
2) Article 349
3) Article 360
4) Article 355
Correct Answer: Article 360

Question-30: Who was the founder of the Ghadar Party?
1) Basant Kumar Biswas
2) Sohan Singh Bhakna
3) Ram Prasad Bismil
4) Bhagat Singh
Correct Answer: Sohan Singh Bhakna

Question-31: In which year (in AD) was the East India Company established?
1) 1664
2) 1632
3) 1600
4) 1608
Correct Answer: 1600

Question-32: Himalayan mountain range falls under which type of mountains?
1) Block Mountain
2) Residual Mountain
3) Accumulated Mountain
4) Fold Mountain
Correct Answer: Fold Mountain

Question-33: ‘Norwesters’ are thunderstorms which are prominent in _____.
1) India and Bhutan
2) Bhutan and Nepal
3) India and Bangladesh
4) Bangladesh and Myanmar
Correct Answer: India and Bangladesh

Question-34: UV rays coming from Sun, majorly causes which cancer?
1) Lungs cancer
2) Liver cancer
3) Mouth cancer
4) Skin cancer
Correct Answer: Skin cancer

Question-35: Which of the following is the largest mammal?
1) Whale
2) Rhinoceros
3) Elephant
4) Human
Correct Answer: Whale

Question-36: What is the full form of RNA?
1) Ribonucleic Acid
2) Ribonitric Acid
3) Ribonutrient Acid
4) Reverse Nucleic Acid
Correct Answer: Ribonucleic Acid

Question-37: At which of the following place, weight of an object is maximum?
1) At poles
2) At equator
3) At tropic of Capricorn
4) At tropic of cancer
Correct Answer: At poles

Question-38: What is the SI unit of temperature?
1) Kelvin
2) Joule
3) Celsius
4) Fahrenheit
Correct Answer: Kelvin

Question-39: Netscape Navigator is a _____.
1) graphical user interface
2) programming language
3) web browser
4) processor
Correct Answer: web browser

Question-40: What is nature of pH of Milk?
1) Slightly Acidic
2) Slightly Basic
3) Highly Acidic
4) Highly Basic
Correct Answer: Slightly Acidic

Question-41: Which among the following is not an example of emulsion?
1) Chocolate-Milk
2) Butter
3) Whipped Cream
4) Curd
Correct Answer: Curd

Question-42: Kyoto Protocol’s (an international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions) first meeting was held at which country?
1) USA
2) Germany
3) Japan
4) Switzerland
Correct Answer: Japan

Question-43: ‘Lucky Grahak Yojana’ and ‘Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana’ to give cash awards to the customers and merchants was launched by which government body?
1) National Institution for Transforming India
2) National Payments Corporation of India
3) Financial Stability and Development Council
4) Reserve Bank of India
Correct Answer: National Institution for Transforming India

Question-44: Who among the following devised the technique IVF (In vitro Fertilization)?
1) Sir Frank Whittle
2) Robert Edwards
3) Edward Jenner
4) Dr. Martin Cooper
Correct Answer: Robert Edwards

Question-45: ‘Wimbledon’ is a place associated with which of the following sports?
1) Lawn tennis
2) Badminton
3) Hockey
4) Cricket
Correct Answer: Lawn tennis


1) 1-c, 2-a, 3-b, 4-d
2) 1-b, 2-a, 3-d, 4-c
3) 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a
4) 1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-d
Correct Answer: 1-c, 2-a, 3-b, 4-d

Question-47: Who is the recipient of Arjuna Award 2016 in the field of athletics?
1) Vikas Gowda
2) Lalita Babar
3) Neeraj Chopra
4) Seema Punia
Correct Answer: Lalita Babar

Question-48: Six Machine (I Don’t Like Cricket … . I Love It)’ is an autobiography of which famous batsman?
1) Virat Kohli
2) AB De Velliers
3) Chris Gayle
4) Tillakaratne Dilshan
Correct Answer: Chris Gayle

Question-49: Which country is headed towards a confrontation over Gibraltar with Spain?
1) France
2) Morocco
3) Germany
4) United Kingdom
Correct Answer: United Kingdom

Question-50: Which country has banned ‘Facebook’?
1) China
2) Bhutan
3) Nepal
4) Pakistan
Correct Answer: China

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