July 7, 2022

SSC CGL 2016 General Awareness Question Paper (Shift-2) 30-August-2016- (Tier-1)

General Awareness Question Papers
30th August-2016 (Shift-2)


Question 26.Silver gets corroded due to ________________ in air.
1) Oxygen
2) Hydrogen Sulphide
3) Carbon dioxide
4) Nitrogen
Correct Answer: Hydrogen Sulphide

Question 27.Which of the following is a radioactive element?
1) Cobalt
2) Uranium
3) Argon
4) Chromium
Correct Answer: Uranium

Question 28.Right to Constitutional Remedies comes under ________________
1) Legal rights
2) Fundamental rights
3) Human rights
4) Natural rights
Correct Answer: Fundamental rights

Question 29.Which of the digestive organs contains acid?
1) Stomach
2) Small intestine
3) Appendix
4) Colon
Correct Answer: Stomach

Question 30.Which country is separated from India by a narrow channel of sea formed by the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar.
1) Bangladesh
2) Myanmar
3) Sri Lanka
4) Pakistan
Correct Answer: Sri Lanka

Question 31.Which of the following fibres is considered as the strongest natural fibre?
1) Cotton
2) Jute
3) Wool
4) Silk
Correct Answer: Silk

Question 32.Purpose of an optical filter is to : ________
1) reflect lights of different colours
2) dispense light into component colours
3) refract light of different colours
4) transmit or absorb light of different colours
Correct Answer: transmit or absorb light of different colours

Question 33.Which of the following is not a weighted code?
1) Excess 3 – Code
2) Binary Number System
3) Decimal Number System
4) BCD Number System
Correct Answer: Excess 3 – Code

Question 34.’Residex’ is associated with :
1) Share prices
2) Price inflation
3) Mutual fund prices
4) Land prices
Correct Answer: Land prices

Question 35.Ozone saves the biosphere by absorbing high energy radiations called __________ .
1) Infra-red (IR)
2) Gamma rays
3) Ultraviolet rays (UV)
4) X-rays
Correct Answer: Ultraviolet rays (UV)

Question 36.Birju Maharaj is a well known exponent of
1) Manipuri dance
2) Kathak
3) Odissi
4) Kathakali
Correct Answer: Kathak

Question 37.In the absence of the earth’s atmosphere, sky would appear
1) blue
2) deep red
3) white
4) black
Correct Answer: black

Question 38.The First Woman President of the Indian National Congress was
1) Sarojini Naidu
2) Vijayalakshmi Pandit
3) Annie Besant
4) Kadambani Ganguli
Correct Answer: Annie Besant

Question 39.Which of the following programmes meet the credit needs of poor women?
1) Mahila Samriddhi Yojna
2) Rashtriya Mahila Kosh
3) Indira Mahila Yojna
4) Mahila Samakhya Programme
Correct Answer: Rashtriya Mahila Kosh

Question 40.The Comptroller and Auditor-General of India submits his report relating to the accounts of the Union to the ______________ .
1) Finance Minister
2) Prime Minister
3) President
4) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Correct Answer: President

Question 41.The first Buddhist Council was held at _____________ .
1) Kashmir
2) Rajagriha
3) Pataliputra
4) Vaisali
Correct Answer: Rajagriha

Question 42.Where do the Western and Eastern Ghats meet?
1) Nilgiri hills
2) Cardamom hills
3) Palani hills
4) Annamalai hills
Correct Answer: Nilgiri hills

Question 43.Who was the founder of the Satvahana Empire?
1) Kanha
2) Simuka
3) Hala
4) Gautamiputra
Correct Answer: Simuka

Question 44.Indian National Congress split for the first time in its session at
1) Allahabad
2) Calcutta
3) Surat
4) Lahore
Correct Answer: Surat

Question 45.Silica gel is a
1) moisturizer
2) flavouring agent
3) drying agent
4) delicious food
Correct Answer: drying agent

Question 46.Which Superfast train has AC Coach having Braille Signals?
1) Purushottam Express
2) Shramjeevi Express
3) Himgiri Express
4) Purva Express
Correct Answer: Purushottam Express

Question 47.Biofertilizers convert nitrogen to _________ .
1) nitrates
2) ammonia
3) nitrogenase
4) amino acids
Correct Answer: ammonia

Question 48.Shiva Thapa is associated with which of the following sports?
1) Boxing
2) Golf
3) Shooting
4) Badminton
Correct Answer: Boxing

Question 49.The natural habitat of Rhinoceros in India is
1) Bharatpur
2) Gir forest
3) Khaziranga
4) Nilgiris
Correct Answer: Khaziranga

Question 50.Which country recently voted to leave the European Union (EU)?
1) Greece
2) Spain
3) United Kingdom
4) Germany
Correct Answer: United Kingdom

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