September 21, 2021

SSC CGL 2016 General Awareness Question Paper (Shift-2) 02-September-2016- (Tier-1)

General Awareness Question Papers
02nd September-2016 (Shift-2)


Question 26.Chief Ministers of States are members of __________________
1) NITI Commission(Aayog)
2) Finance Commission
3) National Development Council
4) Election Commission
Correct Answer: National Development Council

Question 27.When the demand for a good increases with an increase in income, such a good is called___________
1) Superior good
2) Giffin good
3) Inferior good
4) Normal good
Correct Answer: Superior good

Question 28.Which of the following is the most important raw material for generation of power in India?
1) Mineral Oil
2) Natural Gas
3) Uranium
4) Coal
Correct Answer: Coal

Question 29.Which of the following is the treatment of water pollution?
1) Bag house filter
2) Windrow composting
3) Venturi scrubber
4) Reverse Osmosis
Correct Answer: Reverse Osmosis

Question 30.The Comptroller and Auditor General is closely connected with which of the following Committees of Parliament?
1) The Estimates Committee
2) The Committee on Public Undertakings
3) The Public Accounts Committee
4) All of these
Correct Answer: The Public Accounts Committee

Question 31.The demand of a commodity is a direct demand but the demand of a factor of production is called a
1) Crossed demand
2) Joint demand
3) Derived demand
4) Independent demand
Correct Answer: Derived demand

Question 32.Depreciation is loss in value of ________
1) Final goods
2) Machinery
3) Capital stock
4) Stock of inventory
Correct Answer: Machinery

Question 33.What is the Mehrauli Pillar in the complex of Qutub Minar primarily famous for?
1) Proverbial height
2) Skilful stone cutting
3) Excellent quality steel
4) Statue of Buddha on top
Correct Answer: Excellent quality steel

Question 34.Harvesting season of Kharif crop in India is _________
1) January-March
2) February-April
3) September-October
4) November-January
Correct Answer: September-October

Question 35.Which of the following produces the most solid waste?
1) Agriculture
2) Nuclear Power Plants
3) Manufacturing
4) Packaging Industry
Correct Answer: Manufacturing

Question 36.Potassium Permanganate is used for purifying drinking water, because_________
1) It is a reducing agent
2) It is an oxidising agent
3) It is a sterilising agent
4) It dissolves the impurities of water
Correct Answer: It is an oxidising agent

Question 37.Spraying of DDT on crops causes pollution of __________
1) Air & Soil
2) Crops & Air
3) Soil & Water
4) Air & Water
Correct Answer: Soil & Water

Question 38.Which cells in pancreas produce Insulin?
1) Thymus
2) Estrogen
3) Corpus epididymis
4) Islets of Langerhans
Correct Answer: Islets of Langerhans

Question 39.When we see an object, the image formed on the retina is ________
1) Real and inverted
2) Real and erect
3) Virtual and erect
4) Virtual and inverted
Correct Answer: Real and inverted

Question 40.Find the “odd one out”.
1) Linux
2) Windows 98
3) C++
4) Windows 7
Correct Answer: C++

Question 41.Kinetic energy depends on
1) the velocity or speed of the moving body.
2) the mass of the moving body
3) the pressure of the moving body
4) both mass and velocity of the moving body
Correct Answer: both mass and velocity of the moving body

Question 42.In which form is the supplied heat energy stored during change in temperature of substance?
1) Heat energy
2) Kinetic energy
3) Potential energy
4) Both kinetic and potential energy
Correct Answer: Kinetic energy

Question 43.Atoms of same element having different mass numbers are called__________
1) Isobars
2) Isotopes
3) Isotones
4) Isomers
Correct Answer: Isotopes

Question 44.Which script was used in Ashoka’s inscriptions?
1) Brahmi
2) Devanagiri
3) Gurmukhi
4) Sanskrit
Correct Answer: Brahmi

Question 45.The ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, which influenced the Indian National Movement, was taken from _________
1) American Revolution
2) Russian Revolution
3) Chinese revolution
4) French revolution
Correct Answer: French revolution

Question 46.The Kaushal Kendra (skilling center) under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana has been inaugurated in the city of ______________
1) Noida
2) Kolkata
3) Mumbai
4) Hyderabad
Correct Answer: Noida

Question 47.Which one of the following is not the official language of the UNO?
1) French
2) Arabic
3) Spanish
4) Japanese
Correct Answer: Japanese

Question 48.With the participation in the Rio Olympics who has become the first tennis player in the world to have 7 appearances in Olympics?
1) Martina Navratilova
2) Serena Williams
3) Leander Paes
4) Roger Federer
Correct Answer: Leander Paes

Question 49.How many rings are there in the Olympic flag?
1) 4
2) 5
3) 6
4) 7
Correct Answer: 5

Question 50.Indian Army’s School of Artillery is located at_______________
1) Khadakvasala
2) Dehradun
3) Deolali
4) Roorkee
Correct Answer: Deolali

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