UPPSC Question Papers

UPPSC Question Papers

UPPSC OR UP PCS is the exam conducted by Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC), Allahabad. This state agency organizes the PCS exam every year in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The PCS exam (Provincial Civil Service Examination) is held in the state to hire candidates for different administrative jobs. A PCS officer manages the regulation of law and order in the state. This exam is among one of the famous civil service examinations. The honour and respect associated with civil services are priceless. Due to the highly reputed profession as well as the valuable salary-related with the fruits of this exam, a great number of aspirants sit in UP PCS examination. If you also aim to be a civil service officer, then you can look at the question papers to judge your capabilities and interest in this exam. Read more to get details about UPPSC question papers.

Question Papers

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UPPSC Previous Year Question Papers

UPPSC is not just an ordinary exam. The perks you receive after cracking the exam are inestimable. To earn these perks, you must do hard work to crack the exam. You can start your preparation by solving the previous year’s question papers and examining your level. This will acknowledge you regarding the difficulty of the exam and you can study accordingly to achieve your goals. Click on the links provided below to download the previous year’s question papers.


UPPSC Solved Question Papers

Since UPPSC exam checks your memory power and IQ, aspirants may get obstacles while solving previous year papers. Now, candidates can download solved question papers of UPPSC from our page and blow their worries far away. These solved papers contain standard solutions of every problem and will help you in your preparation. We have compiled all solved question papers arranged according to the year of examination. So, hurry up and download these from the links provided below.

Your accuracy and speed will improve when you practice sets of sample papers while preparing for UPPSC exam. Daily practice will help you to learn time management and you will ultimately able to attempt more questions in less time, As huge applications are lodged every year, the competition is very tough. The daily practice and continuous studies can only make up the deal. So, you can practice sample papers provided on our page by simply downloading the links.



Q1. Are UPSC and UPPSC same?
Answer: NO. Although, both are entrance exams are for civil services but still they are dissimilar. UPSC is a national-level exam whereas UPPSC is a state-level exam.

Q2. Are candidates of other states eligible to take UP PCS exam?
Answer: YES, residents of other states are eligible to take up UP PCS exam.