December 6, 2022

JEE Question Papers

Aspirants can download JEE last year’s first question PDF to excel in their preparation from this page. JEE is known as one of the most challenging tests out there. The preparation for tests must begin early, and the previous year’s question papers are the most accurate tools for the exam. The last year’s question papers will help applicants analyze their preparation and the pattern of the latest questions being asked in the examination.


JEE Previous Question Papers

If you are looking at JEE’s previous question papers, we are here to provide you a one-stop solution for all your problems. You can directly download JEE question papers from the link mentioned below.

2020 Question Papers

2019 Question Papers

2018 Question Papers

2017 Question Papers

2016 Question Papers

2015 Question Papers

2014 Question Papers

2013 Question Papers

2012 Question Papers

2011 Question Papers

2010 Question Papers

2009 Question Papers

2008 Question Papers

2007 Question Papers

How Previous Year JEE Question Paper Help Us?


You can check pattern changes in their questions and structures:

JEE has changed throughout over many years. With an advanced body modification starting 2019, from CBSE to NTA,s.
Students can take advantage of Jee’s question papers to know the pattern without any doubt for understanding the changes.
In addition, you can check the outline of the questions.

The primary use of JEE’s previous question papers can show the set of the topics asked regularly. Consistently there are several topics from which most questions are asked frequently in tests every year. Pay attention to that topics and prepare well.


Practice questions in previous years for the saturation of ideas and increase precision:

Solving the last year’s question papers is helpful to get clear views of the test pattern. Many results depend on this fact. In addition, it also helps in time management. Accuracy must be achieved through practicing the previous jee question paper.


Use them as a mock test for actual examination performance:

Train the mind for the exam day. You can do it by practicing JEE the previous year in a way that mimics the real exam. Place a 3-hour schedule to complete every question asked. Build the methodology while trying to jee question papers early in the year that can be applied on the exam day.

You can Analyze Your performance along with your strength and Weakness.

The level of test queries may be the most asked things. With jee previous years question paper question, You can know about your Weakness and work on it