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It's important for you to get the rest of your preparation into perspective. Irrespective of how you've performed it is critical that you do not lose focus as there are other exams round the corner and only consistent hard-work will help you crack them.

The exam marked exactly one correct answer of 1 mark in each of the three sections to identify what %score would give 1 mark in each section.

Section 1 Mark Equal to
Data Interpretation                2.54 % of the Highest Score
Quantitative Ability 2.38 % of the Highest Score
Verbal Ability 2.00 % of the Highest Score

The highest score in the DI Section is thus 39.33 marks. This means that the scores of everybody else taking the CAT exam have been derived from this. If you have a % Score of 50 in the CAT exam, it means that you have scored 18 marks in this section. Your Percentile is derived based on the number of people whose scores fall between yours and 36. The highest score for Quantitative Ability is 42 and Verbal Ability Sections is 50.00. The highest Total Score is the sum of these 3 and is equal to 131.33.

Highest Marks
100th Percentile                  76                                       
Individual Section Highest Scores
Data Interpretation 39.33                    
Quantitative Ability 42
Verbal Ability 50

Below is a marks calculator in which you need to enter your % Score and will get the output as the marks that you have scored in the CAT exam.

  % Score Your Score
Logic and DI


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